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Newport is committed to supplying our customers with the highest-quality beef in every grade. Whether it is American-style Kobe Beef, Prime, Certified Angus Beef®, Choice, Select or all Natural Beef, our customers receive the finest aged beef available.

NewPort Pride Natural Beef

Newport is proud to present our Newport Pride Natural Beef. Our cattle are raised naturally, never administered antibiotics or growth hormones and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet.


Newport has worked hard to develop a premium pork program so that fine dining restaurants and food service operators can feel confident in showcasing pork to their guests.


Whether a traditional lamb rack, Osso Bucco or a specialty cut designed for your menu, trust that Newport has the farmer and growers to provide you with the cut you are searching for.


Whether your menu calls for fresh, natural raised chicken, or our more competitively priced commodity type birds, Newport has a full range of Chicken, Turkey, Ducks and specialty game birds you’ll be proud to serve your guests.


Thirty percent of our employees are directly involved in cutting meats for our customers. On average each of our meat cutters have 15 years of experience. With longtime, dedicated individuals, we provide consistent quality you can count on.


Newport Meat Company has created a premium veal program with a group of family farmers in Eastern Pennsylvania. Each farm raises less than 200 calves, and must undergo a comprehensive grower certification program designed to provide the best practices that will deliver unmatched quality.

Speciality Meats

Looking for something unique for a weekend special or product for a wine dinner, we can assist in providing memorable product for a memorable meal.

Deli Meats

Many companies overlook the importance of high quality deli meats. We have taken the same care to develop an extensive cooked deli line of products. We start with the highest quality raw ingredients to produce the finest deli products available.

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