Community Pride

At Newport Meat we take pride in not just our customers and our product, but also in our employees and their families. As a part of our promise to be the best business partner for our customers and growers, we make an ongoing effort to support the communities we work and live in.

Our vision for giving is to create communities without hunger, held up by strong and healthy families.

Community Service

At Newport Meat we encourage employees to volunteer on a regular basis, helping to feed the hungry in Southern California. We call it our “Pride In Service”. We do this by collaborating with various organizations:

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second harvest Food Bank has been a partner of ours for many years. We started by donating product to them, and it has evolved into a cherished employee volunteer outlet. Every month we have six to eight employees help sort and package food.

Bracken's Kitchen

Being in the food industry, many of our employees love food and cooking. To help with the food insecurity in Orange County and Los Angeles, we collaborate with Bracken’s Kitchen each month by donating product as well as having employees cook and volunteer on-site with them to assist in feeding those families in need. 

MaxLove Project

We learned that our employees were interested in helping children who have been impacted by cancer. We took that passion and decided to help nourish children affected by cancer. Newport has hosted the MaxLove Project for their Fierce Foods Academy where parents can learn to cook nutritious meals for their children while the kids themselves learn to have fun with fruits and vegetables.  
Employee Engagement

One of the most important elements of our employee’s lives are their families and children. As a company we strive to support those who support us, and what they care about.

Giving Garden

At Newport we have built the Giving Garden which is 4,000 square feet of raised garden beds, flowers, and fruit trees. Our garden boxes hold organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers all to be shared and cared for by employees. A portion of the harvest will be donated to local community charities. It is a great place to take a break, eat lunch, socialize, and even to host fun events with chefs and local schools. 

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