The True Value Of Our Meat Is Based Upon Yield,Appearance,And Most Importantly,Taste

Newport understands the value and benefits in providing the customer with exactly what they need. Our portion control program is your “butcher shop”. Our fresh portion control program includes Beef, Veal, Pork and Chicken. Our customers have come to realize the benefits of our portion control program:

  • You get exactly what you want; no extra trim or waste

  • Portion control saves time and money

  • Better trimmed products ensure higher consistency and satisfied customers

  • High quality packaging ensures shelf life and no loss of product

  • Custom portion cuts that fit the specific menu needs

Thirty percent of our employees are directly involved in cutting meats for our customers. On average each of our meat cutters have 15 years of experience. With longtime, dedicated individuals, we provide consistent quality you can count on.

Our Locations

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Las Vegas,NV

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