Our commitment to sustainability

Newport Meat Company is honored to provide your business with high quality meats. In addition, we want to share with you our commitment to sustainability, both in our business practices and those of the farmers and ranchers from whom we source our products.

Our support for sustainability begins with our passionate support of family farms and ranches. Growing up on a family farm, I have a life long interest in being a good steward of land, animals and resources for future generations. This involvement carries over to our Newport team cultivating personal relationships with farmers who operate in an environmentally sensitive manner and raise their livestock with care and respect.

With this in mind, Newport is a leader in sourcing Natural and sustainable meats. We have relationships going back over 25 years with farmers who respectfully raise beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry. Some of these include Durham Ranch, Diestel Turkey Ranch, Shelton Farms, Salmon Creek Pork, and Snake River Farms. We also just introduced Newport Pride Natural Angus beef; a regional based program with the strictest of standards. In addition to never being given hormones or antibiotics, all animals are raised with humane and sustainable practices which are audited by an independent third party. By utilizing the cattle and resources of the western states, this beef comes to market with fewer miles and a lower impact on the environment, yet upholds our standards for quality and flavor.

In addition, we have changed our business practices to lower the impact we have on the environment. Some of the initiatives we have implemented include recycling programs for cardboard and plastic, retooling our refrigeration plant for increased efficiency, “green routing” of our fleet to minimize the miles and stops we make, using biodegradable cleaners in our processing rooms, and utilizing electricity to power truck refrigeration units. Recently we converted all of our shipping boxes to be sourced from unbleached, recycled cardboard to reduce the chemical and carbon foot print of our packaging.

The entire team at Newport Meat Company is dedicated to reducing the impact we are having on the environment and will constantly search for products and business practices that support this goal. As a valued customer, we will periodically update you on our progress and introduce new and exciting products as they come to market.

Thank you for your support of our commitment to sustainability.

Denise Van Voorhis