Never Given Hormones Or Antibiotics

Newport Meat Company is proud to present Newport Pride Natural Beef. Working with Regional Angus Ranching Partners, we have developed a program with both stringent standards and great flavor! Our natural beef originates from beef breeds which have been sustainably raised on family ranches. In order for these cattle to qualify as our definition of “Natural”, they are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. This is a longer growing process compared to commodity beef, but we feel it is worth it.

There are many options when exploring natural beef but we believe calves born in open fields and raised on their mothers’ milk is how cattle were intended to be raised. As the calves mature they are introduced to grains and hay and finished on a corn based diet which helps produce the buttery, rich-flavored beef found in great dining rooms across the country

Not all natural cattle are raised in the same manner as Newport Pride Natural Beef. California is the leading state in milk production; resulting in a significant crop of Holstein bull calves. These dairy calves are removed from their mothers within 48 hours and raised in pens for their entire lives, without access to pasture and grass…yet can qualify for a “Natural” designation. While a source of beef, we do not believe this is the definition of naturally-raised, sustainable beef.

For truly natural beef, we feel that cattle raised along side their mother with free access to grass and pasture is the foundation. Less than 1% of all beef raised in the United States qualify for Newport Pride Natural Beef. Call and speak with a Newport representative to learn more about Newport Pride Natural Beef.

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