Newport Serves Fresh, All Natural Premium Pork

Newport Meat Company is extremely selective in our fresh, all natural pork program. We have a variety of smoked and cured meats as well as two premium pork options. Our goal is to serve pork with the flavor we grew up with.

Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork is raised by less than two dozen sustainable family farms in the upper plains states. In conjunction with Independent Meat Company, whom we have worked with for over 20 years, we have developed a consistent supply of pork that meets our exacting standards.

In fact, less than one percent of all pork produced in the United States meets our standards.

These family farms bring together the best genetics, nutrition, the cleanest environment, and humane treatment of their pigs. The result is natural, well marbled pork with unsurpassed quality. These standards are constantly upheld by third party independent audits to ensure humane animal handling.

For those looking for a premium breed specific pork, we believe that the Berkshire breed delivers the best. We are excited to partner with Snake Rivers Farms Kurobuta Pork – a 100% Berkshire Certified program to bring this premium pork to the market.

Newport has worked hard to develop a premium pork program so that fine dining restaurants and foodservice operators can feel confident in showcasing pork to their guests.

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