Sqf Level 3

Newport Meat Company’s food safety and food quality policies are designed to provide the best value products with the highest standards of safety, performance, and reliability. By achieving this goal, Newport Meat Company consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of each of our customers. We ensure shared business success by exceeding as the industry leader for corporate, statutory, and regulatory requirements. As we continue to meet and exceed SQF standards, Newport Meat Company and our customers remain the leaders in the industry.

1. SQF allows Newport Meat Company to focus on protecting our customer’s endeavors by following written food safety protocols which are supported by verifiable record keeping and validation that the food safety programs are effective in design and function.

2. SQF is a rigorous Food Safety Management System that requires our food suppliers to implement one standardized program that follows food safety criterion set by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

3. By voluntarily participating in the Level 3 SQF audit program, Newport Meat Company is required to have tangible documentation of every aspect of our food safety procedures, including vendor selection process, external audit verification and detailed product specifications.

4. All Newport Meat Company employees are continuously trained, educated, and tested on our food safety programs and are aware of the intangible roles they represent when ensuring that all food safety standards are followed.

5. We increase consumer confidence and loyalty by requiring SQF certification.

6. Newport Meat Company requires two mandatory product recalls under SQF to ensure that any product recalls can be traceable by package, source, and location.

7. All Newport Meat Company product must endure microbiological shelf life trial testing that enables the “use by date” of each product to be accurate.

8. Newport Meat Company SQF Food Safety System is subject to annual 3rd party inspections, as well as constant program revisions due to continuous advancements in technology, industry innovations, and conformation to any changes in USDA legislation.

9. Newport Meat Company HACCP addresses Food Safety through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from procurement receipt, raw material production, manufacturing, and refrigerated transportation.

10. USDA inspection at Newport Meat Company involves ongoing random verification and compliance of the USDA regulatory requirements.